I want this green house room

I am apartment hunting right now and I have an increasing list of unreasonable demands. A gas stove, a yard I can garden in, pet friendly, a dishwasher, washing machine...oh yes and very cheap, reasonable rent. I realise that I can't necessarily get all, or even any, of my wishlist but I do really want to get a greenroom/solarium.

Pictures from apartment therapy

I love the idea for this one I saw on apartment therapy. If I possibly can, I want to find a lovely sunroom like this one, paint it light green (a slightly less yellow, more minty shade maybe) fill it with loads of plants and eat my breakfast in it every day. If possible a little daybed for a reading, catnaps and tea drinking area. I love how the green walls and the green plants combine to filter the light in a way that feels like being under a leafy canopy.